Is He Over You And Your Relationship: Read More

It is not difficult to find out when your relationship is coming to an end. We can very easily make out when he is getting over you. All you need to be a good observer. People when want to end the relationship, they tend to show it through certain signs. These signs are nothing but the change in their behavior and attitude towards you. is here is to help you know some of the common signs boys highlight to let you know they are over you and the relationship. Keep Reading and Keep Exploring.

Is Your Relationship Over? Find Out

Sometimes relationships get over without giving a prior warning. One day everything thing seems to be good and other day it seems there is nothing left in it. It is you who need to look for signs that tells you about it

No Frequent Calls:
One of the biggest hint that he is getting over you and your relation. When he stops himself from making frequent calls to you. There were times when you both used to talk for hours but now are the times where you wait for hours to get one call form him. Things have changed and you just simply failed to notice these changes.

Make Lame Excuses To You:
When he start making lame excuses to avoid you. There are chances he is not interested in taking the relationship further. He is simply waiting for you to notice these changes in his attitude. Whenever a guy use lame excuses to ignore you, there are strong signs he is over you. All you need to do is to investigate about it.

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No More Quality Time:
Gone are those days when you both used to love spending quality time with each other. Days have gone by when you both used to make time for each other. What happens now is he makes excuses to make more time for his friends than you both. Those candle light dinners and dates have become a thing of past.

It is Only You Holding On:
The sign that highlight that he is over you is that it is only you who is holding on. No relationship can work in such a way. In order to make a relation successful both the partners need to nurture it. Watering a dead plant will not give you anything. Hence, no relationship will succeed until both the partners put equal amount of efforts to nurture it.